The Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Korea announced the creation of a blockchain evaluation team.

According to the official document, the ministry accepts applications for 30 positions for its national blockchain participation assessment team. The goal of this exercise is to share knowledge of their findings when examining the blockchain pilot projects between the public and private sectors. According to the information, the application process will last until April 15.

The appointed group(s) will be responsible for the formation of the base blockchain assessment in both the private and public sectors as well as participation in conferences, preparation of interim reports, and evaluation of the effectiveness of the blockchain pilots.

Internet Convergence Policy Director at the Ministry of Information and Communications, Jim Yung-Von determined that communication is an integral part of the development of blockchain technology. He said “Blockchain is a technology of participation and communication.” It is assumed that the team to assess the participation of people in the blockchain will operate in such a way that participants can get a fundamental experience with the blockchain technology.

In addition, the exchange of experience with the assessment teams will allow the information system created on the basis of blockchain technology to be significantly decentralized, since areas covering the development process and experience, monitoring of the entire pilot project, and interaction between the public and the ministry will be facilitated through social networks (SNS).

The contract will be concluded only for a year and an assessment of outstanding results will be carried out. The document states “The national team for assessing community participation will be limited this year and at the end of the year excellent performers will be honored.”

Last year, a group of 40 international and South Korean experts formed a committee to oversee the creation of the blockchain center, which was charged with developing a strategy to promote the development of the blockchain industry.

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